young [yuŋ]
younger [yuŋ′gər] youngest [yuŋ′gəst] [ME yonge < OE geong, akin to Ger & Du jung < IE * yuwen- > L juvenis, Sans yuvan-, young]
1. being in an early period of life or growth; not old
2. characteristic of youth in quality, appearance, or behavior; fresh; vigorous; strong; lively; active
3. representing or embodying a new tendency, social movement, progressivism, etc. [the Young Turks]
4. of or having to do with youth or early life
5. lately begun; not advanced or developed; in an early stage
6. lacking experience or practice; immature; raw; ignorant; green
7. younger than another of the same name or family; junior [young Jones or his father, the young Mr. Baker]
8. Geol.
a) in a stage of increasing and more effective activity, as a stream cutting deep valleys or gorges
b) having undergone little erosion, as a mountain range showing rugged topography
1. young people: often with the
2. offspring, esp. young offspring, collectively [a bear and her young]
with young
pregnant: said of an animal
SYN.- YOUNG is the general word for one in an early period of life and variously connotes the vigor, strength, immaturity, etc. of this period [a young child, man, etc.; young blood ]; YOUTHFUL applies to one who is, or appears to be, in the period between childhood and maturity or to that which is appropriate to such a person [a youthful executive, youthful hopes ]; JUVENILE applies to that which relates to, is suited to, or is intended for young persons [juvenile delinquency, behavior, books, etc. ]; PUERILE implies reference to adults who unbecomingly display the immature qualities of a child [puerile petulance ]; ADOLESCENT applies to one in the period between puberty and maturity and especially suggests the awkwardness, emotional instability, etc. of this period [adolescent yearnings ] -ANT. OLD, MATURE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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